5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO: Wouldn’t it be amazing to…

…trek in the Himalayas? What’s it like to dance the salsa? Or to start a blog and connect with people from across the world about travel, oh and food, too! Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone else was going through the same thing as I am?

Yeah, it would be pretty amazing, don’t you think? Any of that sound familiar? You’re not alone, it’s been going through my head for quite some time.

Almost one month into the new year and with post-holiday jet-lag subsiding, it’s about time I deliver on one of my resolutions: To explore, experiment, and try the things that have been in the back of my mind for much too long…and document it to share with anyone who, like me, is interested in travel, food, trying new things, self-exploration, and has too many interests to keep count.

2018: Eat Pray Love-Ing it out

With the new year in, it’s official. Funemployment and exploration. I recently left my job to follow an itch, to explore the world, try the things that have been nagging at the back of my mind, and go for it. Let’s call it a year of self-inquiry (yes,  I’m borrowing that term from Eat Pray Love and yes, I have compared my exploration with hers albeit our circumstances are a little different, and yes, I only watched the movie and read the book after deciding to take time off thanks to a friend’s nudge) and exploration.

I’ve generally taken the safe route, always had a safety net, went full speed ahead in school, college, and professionally. And I can’t complain, things were/are great on the whole, but I had a constant nagging at the back of my head that I could no longer ignore. With the most supportive boyfriend, family, and friends, I took the plunge to take time out and do the exploring, satisfy this curiosity.

It’s liberating yet scary not to have a set schedule, a workplace to go to, or the security of a ‘guaranteed’ next step. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone, stop making excuses, and go for it. Carpe diem, YOLO, Just Do It. Embrace the uncertainty, after all, as the saying goes the only constant thing in life is change, you know what I’m saying?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky

So, what are you going to do?

The number one question I got was, so what are you going to do next? And at first, I had nothing concrete. Where to start? I had no plans, just a head full of ideas and that nagging itch.

It took some time to think it through and was a good lesson in getting comfortable with uncertainty. That was a first. If you’re wondering why I didn’t “figure it out” before giving my notice, it was the mental shift of “I’m actually going through with this” that I needed to move forward. Sometimes you need a hard kick in the butt to get moving. And most of the time, you need to give yourself that kick in the butt. And so the thinking and planning began.

I started out by asking myself, so what is it that ever since you can remember, you wish you could do? What kept coming up in conversations with your friends where you’d say or think, “Man, I’d LOVE to do that”? What articles, blog/Facebook/Instagram posts made you think “It would be awesome if I could do that”? What were the “silly” dreams you wanted to try when you were growing up but didn’t because you “don’t have time”, “need to study”, “will do it after ABC…”, or “That’s not a real job”? And thanks to a favorite of mine – mind mapping – things started to take shape.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to… (or, “This year, I will…”)

So here’s what’s been on my “Wouldn’t it be amazing to” list/new years resolutions/goals for this year (if you’re a semi-organizer too, bear with me as I’m trying to go with the flow and resist the urge to categorize).

  1. Start/build a blog/website, post at least once a month, and connect/exchange with people (3-in-1!)
  2. Trek in the Himalayas
  3. Attend an intensive yoga course/teaching certification (and teach at least one yoga class)
  4. Get a teaching certification to help do #5
  5. Volunteer to teach children/teenagers/adults
  6. Start a higher educational degree
  7. Do Kayla Itsines’ BBG program once through
  8. Build my marketing/design skills and put them into practice
  9. Start and regularly journal
  10. Read at least one book per month (I have a tendency to start, hear about another book, start that one, and drop the first one in an endless cycle of not finishing books. No more!)
  11. Learn/improve my Spanish

Note: The list is growing, of course, and in the most random ways. Like last week, I finished “Shackleton’s Way“, a book about Sir Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic explorer and inspiring leader, and had the urge to travel to Antarctica. Needless to say, it will take some saving up. But I mean, wouldn’t that be amazing?

What better way to commit than putting it up on the internet? In that spirit, feel free to ask me how I’m doing and hold me accountable to any of the above. In fact, please do (and thank you in advance!).

So, I’m curious, what’s on your “wouldn’t it be amazing to” list? Do you want to learn to bake, volunteer for that local charity you keep walking past, sign up for a boxing class? I’d love to hear all about it, and who knows, maybe we’ve got some similar things on our lists – I’m always looking to grow mine so would love the inspiration 🙂

And yes please on tips, questions, and advice on blogging or any of the above!

Ciao for now

P.S. A note for future me looking back at this first post – you can stop cringing now – you did it.

15 thoughts on “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO: Wouldn’t it be amazing to…

  1. Well put Steph! Lovely just like yourself. Amazing writing, kept me interested to the end. Love feeling I’m in your mind with you – thanks to the mental notes. Surely, you’re one with a quick-thinking mind and lots of feelings coming at you from the world. I get you! Keep writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. What an exciting prospect…if your intention is to make everyone else wildly jealous of your new adventures you’ve made a very good start 😉 I would love to travel and experience all kinds of new things, but for the moment I have my hands full at home with one very active toddler. At least I live abroad…that’s vaguely exciting, but it’s now completely normal. I wish you all the luck on your year out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, plans are taking shape! I hope it’s the good kind of jealousy 😉 Oh, I can only imagine all kinds of new things you experience with your toddler, plus renovating your own farmhouse, I would love to do that one day – you get to make it your own! Cheers


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